We offer a more effective alternative to traditional agency marketing.  Our methodology is based on the direct response TV model and is built on our accumulated 30 years in the direct response TV industry.  PERFORMANCE BASED MARKETING…That is, all of our marketing is accountable, trackable and quantifiable. WE PRODUCE APPOINTMENTS FOR SALES. OUR CTA’S PRODUCE SALES. We ARE NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF PRODUCING IMPRESSIONS THAT DO NOT LEAD TO SALES. WE constantly narrow and target prospects who are capable of buying.  Our sole objective is to reduce your Cost of customer acquisition and its the way we measure success.


We charge a monthly rate for this service. We do all the Creative and Produce VIDEOS aimed at audiences in ZIP CODES with the Behavioral Characteristics, Income, and Interests that are the same as your current Customers.  We Test and Adjust Continually narrowing the audience target and increasing the probability of a sale. We test Offers, Leads, CTA’S. This is Not SEO or the usual PPC or Google AD Words. This is a customized Direct Response Media Campaign…PERFORMANCE MARKETING.


Video is the most effective way to generate customers in a digital world. Our video production services are world class. Just take a look. You will receive over $30,000.00 in Video Production for No Cost the first year alone. Quite an incentive.


Our media focus is TV, Internet advertising and email marketing. We can advise but do not do any direct print marketing.  We do accountable tracking. Our expertise comes from Direct Response TV marketing. This means tracking a TV commercial from a phone call or website sale.  After minimums you can purchase as little or as much media as you want at any given time. If you find that a particular campaign is working well, we can ramp up media and greatly increase your total sales.  This allows you to slow down or increase your spend during different seasons.


We can work with your webmasters to track leads so you know where your leads are coming from.  We also use 800 numbers to pass through leads to your main number that will allow us to track where the sale is coming from.  We will work with your accounting to find out the conversions, and sales. This is critically important because this knowledge allows us to go back and see which campaigns are most effective.


We do not charge per acquisition.  We charge a monthly fee. We contract by quarter  payment can be monthly. There are discounts for longer term commitments.  We provide you reports/analytics on how we are targeting your customers with tracked leads that show you what is the most effective campaigns.

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We also offer stand alone video production (not part of our package price) if you just want professional recording done see pricing here